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The Poodle

The Poodle is commonly acknowledged to be the most wisely intelligent of all members of the canine race. There is a...

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Training For a Good Dog

  Dogs are like kids - you have to train in some good habits and train out some of the bad ones. Many people...

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Choosing a Dog that Suits Your Family

The choice of a pet is a very personal decision and one that the whole family should be involved in.  To ensure...

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Follow the Leader

To have a happy and secure dog as well as one that behaves well, the dog owner has to understand their needs and...

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What Makes a Good Boarding Kennel and How Do You Check Them Out?

    Let’s face it; most of us hate having to leave our beloved pets behind when we go away, but...

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Why Should you Board your Pet Professionally?

    It seems that everyone is jumping on the entrepreneur wagon to find a life that provides them the...

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Pet News - Keeping Pets Safe when it’s Frigid Outside

    Becoming a pet parent comes with certain responsibilities. Because pets really are like children in some...

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Leaving Your Dog Happy and Safe at Home Alone

    Dogs are social animals, and they thrive in packs. As their owner, you are perceived as a member and they...

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Cat Boarding - Separation Anxiety - Feline Safety

    Cats may seem aloof and independent and for good reason: they are! Some cats may be more affectionate...

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How to Clip Your Pets Toenails

It is surprising just how many pet owners never even consider the fact that their pet’s toenails need to be...

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