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Fans say we're Seattle's Best Dog Boarding



This review is in regards to three of my pets.. Gucci, Chloe, and Allie.  Gucci is a very rambunctious Jack Russell, Chloe is a 4 and a half pound Mini Chihuahua and Allie is a Diluted Calico Cat. We have left our fur babies only a handful of times in their long lives. I was hesitant to leave them again because they are in their advanced years and it seems that a lot of things even small things upset them. However, I was pleased to know that when I returned to get my girls they were all in good spirits and had even eaten while I was away. All was well and I thank the crew from “MyOwnly Boarding” because they obviously have a way with all animals.. Even scaredy-cats and dogs like mine. I would highly recommend this fine group for your boarding needs..

Lyn G. Everett




This is the first time that we have ever boarded our 11-year-old bichon mix, so I was a little apprehensive. Not to mention, that he ended up having knee surgery right before we left and had some special requirements. The gals at Myownly were great! They walked him extra, and gave him tender loving care and knew just what to do with a dog post surgery. Their communication back-and-forth while we were gone was awesome. I would definitely use them again!

Bonnie S, Bothell



We have had our dog Jet at MyOwnly twice now - once last fall for a week, and once in the past month for a little over a week.  He's been a very challenging dog for us, and we have had to take him to tons of training, and even wound up signing him up to visit a Behaviorist in Kirkland, who was recommended by our dog training location, and by his vet.  The Behaviorist recommended MyOwnly for him, because she said they are great with challenging dogs, and that we should be cautious of other places if they use punishment for dogs.  Maybe you can train a lab or a golden with occasional early intervention of punishment, but ours is a rescue Cattle Dog mix who is anxious and has leash aggression, which has greatly improved through lots of positive training, removing him from the anxiety source if needed, and the behavior interventions, but he's still a work in progress.  The Behaviorist said if we take him to a place that uses punishment, it will set him back in his training.  I needed to ask her for a recommendation of where to go, because we boarded him elsewhere for about a week, at a place where they have daycare during the day and can interact with other dogs.  So, while he got a ton of exercise at the other place, he was pretty nervous and wound up getting himself kicked out.  There's the history of our "special" pup.  

I need to say that at MyOwnly, he did not get kicked out (they don't allow open yard interactions with non-family dogs anyway), and he was happy and relaxed when we picked him up, and they said he did great.  Being around other dogs (with a fence in between of course) in a controlled environment was great for him, and helped him take some steps forward with his ongoing slow improvement in socialization.  We paid a little extra for him to get additional playtime out in the yard.

We went back to MyOwnly again recently, and again he was happy and relaxed when we picked him up. We are so grateful to know that he does so well at MyOwnly, and that he is safe and well cared for there.  Cathi and Danielle are very caring and knowledgeable.  This is a very long drive for us, but we'll do it again the next time we need to board our furry family member.

Karen G., Kenmore WA



We moved to Monroe in 2005 and were given referrals to a couple kennels in the area. After having serious issues with both of the other kennels that required post pick up vet trips, I did my own research and I found Cathi and Myownly! What a blessing! I never worry about my pets when I leave them. I know they are well cared for and loved just as they would be at home. We have been loyal customers since 2005 and will continue to be as long as Myownly continues to serve our community.

Heidi P., Monroe, WA



This is an awesome kennel and they do an excellent job of grooming my Australian shepherd and all of his thick fur!  I highly recommend them to anyone.  Ask for a tour of the facility. I came in for a visit before even using the kennel, and was impressed with their clean facilities and expert knowledge of dogs and their behavior.  Our dog, Diesel, does not like other male dogs and they have always given him extra attention and service to keep him happy.  They are awesome!

Janis K., Snohomish WA


Thank you for all of the attention to detail and kindness you showed to our pups. It is very clear to Phil and I that you care not only about your canine/feline boarders but also the humans that leave them with you. Nice to find a place we can trust - and so close to us!

Libby, Phil, Monroe, WA


After being on vacation for two weeks and coming here to get our two cats, alls I can say is that we will be coming back here for sure! The cats loved it there and we could tell they were treated like queens there. Such a great place, and such kind people working there. Both of our cats are long haired and one had some bad matting on her. When we picked her up she was groomed and shaved as we requested. I like that they filled out a report card on how they interacted. Thanks Myownly!

Brett D, Lake Stevens WA


To sum it up, I drive all the way up to Monroe from South Seattle because this place is so good! These are the sweetest, most caring and compassionate group of people I've ever met. They could all tell how nervous we were boarding our shy dog for the first time -- so they called me while on vacation just to let me know how our dog was doing. They even sent me pictures! These ladies would do anything to accommodate our dog's ridiculous shyness. I wouldn't trust my dog with anyone else but them!

Nick W., Seattle, WA


All of my dogs over the years have been groomed and boarded by Cathi and her team. Whenever I had emergencies where I couldn't take care of my dogs, the kennel was always there for us. Knowing that my dogs were safe and being taken good care of always took the stress off of my shoulders. When it comes to grooming Cathi is the best. She takes care of each dogs individual needs, whether it be for an elderly dog or show dogs they look their absolute best after leaving the kennel. The dogs are always happy and excited to come to see Cathi and her team. The kennel has a huge indoor space where all the dogs can socialize with each other. The employees are so good with the dogs, they are constantly interacting with them. Recently I was hospitalize and Cathi took excellent care of my Lala for me since I couldn't. Since I have been boarding my dogs here for 20 years I knew I didn't have to worry about Lala while she was with Cathi. The main reason I am writing this review is to thank Cathi and her team for the great work they do every single day.

Marilyn N., Monroe, WA


Approximately seven years ago, I adopted a dog who had been severely abused by his former owner. His name was Baby, not a representative name for a dog so noble and handsome. Baby was terrified of all strangers but men in particular. As part of my attempt to rehabilitate him, I took him to an excellent behaviorist who helped me with his numerous issues. When my appointment was over, I asked her if she could recommend a boarding facility that could handle such a difficult dog should I ever need to board him. She told me without hesitation to take him to Myownly boarding facility in Monroe. She said she had numerous clients who have taken difficult dogs there and everyone without fail, spoke very highly of the facility. I took Baby to Cathi and her employees several years ago. They were fantastic. They knew exactly how to handle Baby and how to put him at ease. Over time they have earned his trust completely using positive reinforcement. Cathi is now able to groom him which I never thought would be possible. She sends me photos of him while he is being boarded and I can see clearly from his body language that he is happy, relaxed and trusting. Myownly boarding has been a huge blessing for me. I suffer from some very serious illnesses and am frequently hospitalized. Baby is the one thing I don't have to worry about because I know he is safe and loved while boarding. Cathi has become not only the person I trust most with Baby but also a wonderful friend who has given me so much support with my health issues. Because I must now live on disability, she frequently gives me a discount knowing how difficult things have been for me. I give a very heartfelt recommendation to Myownly as a boarding facility and grooming business. If a potential client would like to email or call me, please don't hesitate to get my phone number or email from Cathi.

Jen P., Monroe, WA


I have been taking my dog to Myownly for almost 6 years now. Every time we go on vacation, I can truly relax, knowing that my dog is being well cared for. The owner and staff are super friendly and knowledgeable about animals. They always greet my family and I with a smile and a pat on the back for our dog. Our dog, Mika, loves everyone at Myownly! She truly enjoys the walks, the play time, the brushes and hugs and always looks beautiful and happy when I return.

Katherine T., Lake Stevens, WA


My four year old rescue hound has been a long work in progress with fear based aggressive tendencies towards both people and dogs. It it wasn’t for the kind and understanding folks at Myownly Boarding Kennel, I wouldn’t be able to find overnight care for him anywhere else. They take some of the toughest cases out there and treat them with a gentleness that comes with a deep understanding of dog behavior and years of experience. Can’t thank you all enough

Lee G., Seattle, WA


We just dropped off our dog and cat at Myownly Boarding Kennel and walked out smiling and reassured. Max easily walked back to his run because he remembered how happy he was during his previous stay. He will get attention and excellent care while he is boarded. We left a few comfort items with him and his usual food. Peaches went into her space with ease. When we picked her up last time we knew she had been fine because she had not lost any weight during her stay. She doesn't eat if she is not happy! We can easily recommend Myownly Boarding Kennel because we have used them several times. It is in a quiet country location with space for walks.

Cheryl C, Monroe, WA


When my parents picked me up from my vacation at Myownly Boarding Kennel today I couldn't give enough kisses-- To them AND to my new human friend, Morgan, who took such good care of me while I was there! I'm only 3, but already on my third family after my older brother started attacking me, so I was a little nervous to see my parents go. But, as soon as I met Cathi and Morgan and was shown to my room, I hardly knew they were gone! My sleeping cot was very comfy and I had heated floors to lounge on too! All of my neighbors were very friendly and the Myownly staff came to visit often. There was good conversation--barking and the human kind--and we even got to enjoy music during the day! They served me yummy meals, kept my room clean and tidy, and even washed my blanket when I toweled off with it after a romp in the field and my play time with the pet nanny! They took me to the restrooms regularly, which were separate from my playing area and always freshly picked up and hosed down. I felt so loved by all the staff and even got some bonus cuddle time with a brush and massage! When my parents picked me up, I got lots of praise for being so sweet, loving, and agreeable but that was easy because I was just so happy to be here! Thanks Cathi, Morgan, Danielle, Jessica, and Rhiannon for such a wonderful vacation at Myownly-- I can't wait to come back! ~~Your Friend for Life, Nomad Anderson - American Staffordshire Terrier - Monroe, WA

Erin A, Monroe, WA


I want to thank you and your staff for the great job you did taking care of my old dog these past three months. The e-mails and pictures you sent each week helped take away any concerns I might have had about how he was doing and made my time off a lot more pleasant and enjoyable. The fact that he was going to get walked and socialized every day made my decision to take a three month vacation much easier so once again thank-you and you can use me as a reference anytime.

Freeman B, Monroe, WA


Cathi bathed and groomed my dog, a Cairn terrier. It was my first visit. I was very pleased with Cathi's professionalism and knowledge of dog breeds. This was my first visit and Cathi took plenty of time to make sure my dog Phoebe had vaccinations and who my vet is. She asked me how I'd like to have Phoebe groomed and she was very considerate of my ideas. We left Phoebe in Cathi's care and upon returning, found Phoebe to be bathed and groomed with a very cute look---Phoebe needed quite a bit cut off, and the cut is just great. I want to add that Cathi took pictures during the grooming process so that a visual record could be kept. It helped me, too, so that I could see what a difference the bathing and grooming made. My dog was very happy with Cathi who was very warm, caring, and professional. A week later and I still like how she was groomed. I will be returning for nail clipping in a week and will take Phoebe back at a later date when she needs more grooming.

Sandra S., Gold Bar, WA


We were very apprehensive about putting our 'special needs' dog in a kennel for the first time, and Myownly was the best place for us. We found them through a recommendation from our dog behavioralist after a very unfortunate situation with another local kennel. From the first contact they were reassuring that it would all be fine and indeed it was. Our dog came back to us after 10 days+ in great shape and spirits. When I dropped him off, the staff was caring and made sure of all the details about his care and history. While we were away, they kept us informed (just enough) to keep our minds at ease so we could enjoy our vacation. I will definitely be using them again and recommending them to all my friends.

Nedra F, Seattle, WA


Absolutely 5 stars from us! Myownly Dog Boarding goes out of their way to make sure our pup has a great time and stays as comfortable as possible while boarding. He gets love, play and care. Our dog has intense abandonment issues as well as some other things we're working on and Myownly Dog Boarding is more than willing to do whatever they can to work with you and always seem on top of things when we stop in. We are so happy we found them. Our guy has left his fear behind and now loves coming to visit! On holidays he even shows up for pickup wearing cute holiday bandanas!

Shannon D, North Bend, WA


Myownly Boarding Kennel, Inc. came highly recommended to me by 2 reputable Monroe businesses we used for our dog, Ace. My husband & I have owned dogs together for 18 yrs. & we like to adopt from shelters, as we did with Ace in early December 2015. We used boarding facilities for our past dogs including veterinarians, pet nannies & friends at all price points. As you may know, it is very hard to get what you pay for. I was relieved this facility came so highly recommended because it made me feel confident Ace would be in good hands overnight Dec. 19. My expectations were high. Alternatively, Ace's dad had very low expectations; so low, in fact, that he nearly turned the car around when we arrived. Ace dealt with being dropped off very well because of their expert handling, but dad, not so much. I cannot express enough gratitude to the staff for warmly welcoming Ace & for Cathi consoling my extremely distraught husband. When we left Ace, I felt like we left him with our new adopted family. A 2nd overnight stay came soon after & Ace's dad wanted to use Myownly! (I am talking he was hospitalization-distraught that 1st trip!) Ace was surprised to go back the 2nd time; however, when we arrived to pick Ace up, he was his caretaker, Morgan's, biggest fan. He was so interested in Morgan & what she was doing that I had to literally drag him to the car at which point he whined...it was clear he would stay with Morgan or she should come with us. Kudos to Myownly because they did not let me down from my pre-conceived high expectations & they made a believer out of my dearly protective husband. Ace had a great time & we even received pictures showing the fun he had. What dog wants to be left at a boarding facility after so recently coming from a shelter I ask?

Shannon, Glen & Ace,


Great experience with Myownly. Prior to our first reservation, they welcomed us to do a walk through of the facility including the kennel and play areas. Easy check-in procedure, and upon return we were provided with a written report card of our dog's behaviors and activities, as well as a more informal verbal description of our dog's activities. The owner and staff clearly enjoy their work. Its an easy decision to continue to choose Myownly Boarding Kennel for our dogs when we travel.

Jeanine K, Monroe, WA


We have used Myownly a number of times over the past year and are so pleased with their service. They have really gotten to know our little Greta. She has some anxiety and special needs, and the team at Myownly keeps her feeling safe and loved when we have to leave her. The facility is very clean, there is great outdoor space for the dogs to play, and the staff is wonderful. They know dogs!

Heidi D, Seattle


Last Weekend was our first time at Myownly dog kennel; Oliver, my German Sheppard, is a very important part of our family and we want to make sure that he is well care for. We were very happy with his care at Myownly. They certainly love dogs and know a lot about caring for them. I would totally recommend them to my friends and family.

Nancy S, Monroe


Thank you so much for taking such good care of Scout over the last year and a half. This past fall Scout began showing increased signs of stress. He barked incessantly, couldn't be left alone and just couldn't relax. There was a biting incident at home and Scout lost it at daycare this past Monday....no one was hurt. We had to put Scout down today. He had a really good run of 3 years and I love him dearly but he was no longer safe. Thanks for helping all the less than perfect puppies in the world. Your team is amazing.

Meg S, Kirkland


Hi, come this Wednesday I will be dropping off my dogs again on one of my many trips I take each year and I want you to know how much I appreciate the peace of mind I have knowing that my dogs are in a safe environment where they will be walked and exercised each day and the old boy getting his medicine. I also appreciate the little things like the clipped nails or the cleaning of the ears that I sometimes neglect. Please share this thank-you with Cathi and the staff. Thanks again.

Freeman B., Monroe


Hello! Just wanted to give you a review of Sydney's first time ever in a kennel. We did the daycare to try to get her used to staying in one if it is ever needed. I was so scared but the whole staff was so helpful and caring it did put me a little more at ease. I was worse than a parent with their kid and its first day of school. She did great and enjoyed her day and playing with the staff members. I have heard so many good things about Myownly and for sure I can now give my thumbs up as well. We will be taking Sydney for a few more daycare days and then maybe an overnight. If we do need to drop her off for a week we are confident in the care she will be receiving. Thank you!

Amber, Tom, Sydney C., Snohomish


Dear Cathi & All, Thank you for taking such good care of our Libby, Josie and Toby. We really appreciate it!

Mary & Eivind N., Lake Stevens


Buster is a very special large mixed breed rescue. He has a lot of anxiety and generally doesn't do well being in enclosed spaces where he is separated from people. He loves other dogs but can become very defensive if he feels threatened. I explained all of this to the wonderful ladies at Myownly prior to Buster's first visit. They were welcoming and accommodating to us both. Since then he has been back for an unexpectedly prolonged stay and Cathi, Danielle, and crew made sure he had the consistency, attention, exercise, and calming influence he needed to enjoy his time in the country. It is incredible to have a place to take a "high strung" pooch where you know your concerns are taken seriously and your critter will be safe and happy.

Michelle W., Seattle


Ever since we moved to Monroe 8 years ago, our 120 pound Malamute has enjoyed his doggy spa every time we have needed him to go. The stays have ranged from 2 days to over a week. He loves it there. At least three times a year we use them. We have him groomed there twice a year and his nails done. He is always happy to go in, except for leaving his momma. We get extra exercise for him, and they sometimes post pictures of him outside playing on Facebook! It is a treat for me to get a big great smelling fluff ball back when I pick him up. The owners are great and they treat your dog like family.

Becki F., Snohomish


Just want to thank you for taking such good care of Blue (Labrador) while we were on our vacation. He seemed relaxed and not stressed as he has been when coming home from other kennels. I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and it seems to transfer over to the dogs. I appreciate the fact that the staff spends most of their time with the dogs. They get the same loving care as they do at home. blue had a great stay and will be back again! Thank you.

Vicki, Tom and Blue.,


Our 9 month old Samoyed puppy has stayed here twice while we have been on vacation and has had a great time. She leaves happy and well cared for. They have clean kennels and nice areas for the dogs to run around outside two to three times day(extra cost for three times which we did for our active puupy). They offer grooming services as well and do a wonderful job. The people are very friendly and knowlegable about all breeds of dogs and are sensitive to their individual needs. Bella was placed in puppy play time with other puppies her age and tempermant which made us feel good. When you pick up your dog they give you a report on your their behavior and their interests while you were gone. We would recommend Myownly Boarding Kennel to any dog or puppy!

Rene B., Snohomish, WA


Our two Golden Retrievers Jax and Ollie were given a bath and basic tidy up grooming. Without a doubt we will take them back again. The entire process was completed in less than three hours and the dogs looked great and felt even better. The vibe was great at Myownly, the price was right and we could not be happier with the results. Myownly is now our forever dog grooming place.

Ron S., Monroe, WA.


We have boarded our 2-year-old German Shepherd, Titan, at multiple locations around Seattle and Redmond. Most places basically gave my dog a place to stay. We weren't always sure if he enjoyed it, or if he got the playtime or the care that we give him. That changed when we stumbled across Cathi and Myownly Boarding. They look after Titan as if he is their own pet. We get to see pictures of him enjoying his time there. Cathi and the rest of the staff are also very knowledgeable about different breeds and are simply amazing! We will probably never board anywhere else:)

Utsav & Andrea P., Redmond, WA


They gave such loving care to my senior dog. Understood her health issues and that she had never been away from me more than 48 hours. The staff treated her like one of their own. She came back happy and with new friends. When I first came in I was so pleased that there was no trace of animal smell, but also no trace of cleaner/chemical smell. This place is spotless!

Janet H., Monroe


This is the best vacation spot for my fur babies (older Yorkshire Terriers)! What peace of mind to know they are getting lots of love and attention. But wait, more than a place to leave your pups, awesome grooming too! What a nice touch to pick up happy and beautiful babies. I can't thank you enough for the extra care and attention you give to all of your guests.

Carol W., Monroe


I want to say thank you for taking such good care of my little PJ (15+ year old Pom mix) while I was on vacation. I was so worried about him and realized that I did not have to worry about him at all.

Annette N., Monroe


Many thanks again for the incredible care you gave our Molly (GoldenDoodle). Really appreciate it!!

Dan & Marie S., Sammamish


Happy to be home. Juneau (very senior American Eskimo) is home and happy and taking a nice nap in front of the fire after a fun week socializing with other dogs at Myownly Boarding Kennel, Inc. A big shout-out to Cathi Tower and her staff for their care of my favorite little white dog. He sure looks handsome, too!

Janelle-F/B, Snohomish


Our dogs (hound mix and lab mix) boarded at Myownly for 4 days and they loved it! They were loved and cared for like at home, and the price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality and professionalism were all A's! The staff is brilliant!  We discovered Myownly through our animal behaviorist and wish we had done so sooner. Cathi and staff made a point to learn about what makes Micha tick and had had some great observations to pass on. We are excited to have found somewhere that understands our excitable sweetie and plan to take her and her calmer brother to spend quality time there as many times as Cathi et al will have them

Sophie M, Sammamish, WA


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for the great grooming of the boys (two beautiful Australian Shepards). They look absolutley gorgeous, the groom/trims are perfect. We know we can always count on you guys to give the best care for not only our Aussies, but also loving consideration of their Mom and Dad.

Rene and Fred M, Monroe


I've been coming here for years. I even moved to Portland and still make the drive to this place when I'm out of town. I have a Great Dane who's afraid of other dogs. They work with her on her doggy fears, give her lots of people attention. I wish there was a kennel with this dedication to pets and clients every where.

Stephanie O, Portland, OR


Myownly is the only kennel/groomer I've ever approached where my dog whines with excitement before we get all the way down the driveway. The only other destination reserved for such excitement is swim time at Lake Sammamish. Caden (Shepard mix) comes home relaxed which is counter to our experiences after visits to other "hotels"/boarding providers. Dealing with Myownly staff is always super easy and when I have a question about the daily rate we were offered the off-season rate since the discussion about the $3 peak season additional charge either didn't happen of was forgotten. It was a generous gesture and I appreciated it very much.
Additionally, I opted to have Caden groomed before pick-up. He came home smelling good and feeling so soft I can't resist. Thank you to the entire staff for making Caden's experience away from home so pleasant!

Roland B, Bellevue


Thank you so much for taking care of Bella (Cavalier King Charles) for us. We were able to enjoy our vacation and not worry about her. She came home to us as happy as she left.

John & Marcia L., Monroe


Thank you for watching over our Bonnie (wire fox terrier) during our move. It was a huge help knowing she was safe and well cared for!

Deborah & Jon C., Redmond


To the staff at Myownly, we brought our puggle, Buster in at the last minute as we had to pick up a trailer in Eugene, OR. this last weekend. I was rushed to get his shot in before the vet closed and happened to ask them where I could board my dog for the day, they said to contact you folks as you were great with pets.
Well, we dropped off Buster the next morning promptly at 8AM and he quickly followed the staff to his room, this is no small feat as he is such anxiety ridden dog when I leave him even at the house, he trotted off with his tail waggin!
We came back early the next day and he was one happy little puggle and seemed to enjoy his stay at the Kennel Club if you will, we cannot thank the staff enough for his care and loving while we were gone, we look forward to dropping him off again when we take off, thanks so much to all for such a splendid visit!

Don T., Monroe


Thank you for taking such good care of Sharpi (Shar Pei x Lab) while we went out of town. He came home relaxed and I could tell that he was well cared for. I appreciate your flexibility in pick up arrangements, and the report card letting us know what he did and how he did. Thank you for providing such a loving atmosphere for your boarding pets. We look forward to having him stay with you the next time we go on vacation.

Lynn J., Kirkland


Thank you Myownly Boarding Kennel for the excellent care you provided our Australian Shepherd, Zodiac. When we picked him up he was in good spirits, looked great, and healthy. I know from talking to the staff that he was well exercised and enjoyed his yard time.
Thank you again,

Linda M., Chelan


Cathi and I had a long, friendly talk the day I dropped off my dog Hailey (Lab/boxer) for the first time. By the time I left, I felt reassured that my old friend would be in good hands at Myownly Boarding Kennel. Cathi is very knowledgeable about most dog breeds, and the specific needs of a senior dog. I was pleased to receive an email from Danielle during my vacation to let me know how Hailey was doing. When I picked up Hailey 9 days later, she was happy to see me, but I did not notice any of the needy behavior or stress that she usually shows after staying at other kennels. She seemed mellow and content, and in good shape (she jumped into the car, something she had not been able or willing to do in weeks.) Taking my dog to Myownly Kennel is a bit of drive (I live in Woodinville,) but well worth it for total peace of mind. Price-wise, Cathi is aligned with other similar establishments. She offers different price and service levels to accommodate every dog and owner's needs. The place looks well kept, with spacious runs. My dog enjoyed an indoor/outdoor run, and two "walks" a day in a large field next to the building. Based on this very positive experience, I will not hesitate to leave Hailey with Cathi and her staff again.

Veronique S., Woodinville


Just wanted to give a shout out for Myownly Boarding Kennel and the wonderful job they do. I have used their boarding services for my two boxers and was thrilled with the care and attention my dogs received. One can be a bit stand-offish, but they worked with him and won him over. The dogs were happy and clean when picked up, the detailed notes regarding behavior while we were gone were very helpful and the photos provided after their stay were delightful. The dogs were clearly enjoying their stay. I recently adopted an adult terrier/poodle mix, who needed grooming. I had never had a dog that needed to go elsewhere to be groomed, but felt very confident enlisting Myownly. They did a great job "cleaning him up" and again, provided pictures of him playing and having social time that show he enjoyed his stay. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Myownly for boarding or grooming needs. They listen to the pet owner's goals, are very conscientious regarding animal care and health, and top it all off with very appropriate handling and socializing recreation. A terrific home away from home experience for your furry family members.

Stephanie C., Snohomish


They were very responsive to my inquiry about the availability of boarding space. I also requested that my English Springer Spaniel receive a haircut, bath and nail trim. I had a few places on him that needed some special attention. We exchanged several emails about all of the services. It appeared that they definitely wanted to get it right, which I appreciated. When he got home, he looked and smelled great. He was very happy to see us, but it was obvious that he enjoyed his time there and wasn't over anxious about his experience. He was pretty proud of his new haircut! They followed up with a call about his time there and gave me a few tips on grooming him (which I appreciated) as I have been doing his haircuts at home. They were super friendly and all in all it was a great experience. We would definitely use them again.

Jim N., Lake Stevens


We took our dogs to Myownly over Christmas (Black Lab & Yellow Lab).We love taking our dogs there. From the moment we drive up, they are wagging their tails. They love their vacations at Myownly. They are so excited to see the people that take care of them. One of my dogs has allergies and chronic pain. She looks and feels great when we picked her up after a week. Another one of my dogs needs lots of activity. He gets that activity and interaction when we leave him.

Erin K., Snohomish


Thank you guys for taking such good care on my "little" knucklehead!!! (German Shepherd K-9) I can tell you guys spent a lot if time with him. Usually when I get back after leaving him for a bit it takes a while to get his obedience back to where it should be. He was his normal self from when we got back.
And he was nice and clean!!!!! :)
I'm sure you guys know how special the bond is between a K9 handler and their partner and knowing he was so well taken care of means a lot.
I talked to my bosses and hope you guys will take him again during my next vacation.
Thanks again,

Dan H., Kirkland


Thank you so much for taking such good care of Jazzie (15 yr. old yellow lab who has colon cancer) while we are gone for several weeks. She came home happy and healthy!! What more could we ask for? We truly appreciate you and the attention you give Jazzie.
Thank You! (Jazzie has boarded at Myownly since she was a very young dog!)

The Changs, Redmond


This is our dogs (two lovely Dobermans) favorite vacation spot. We won't take them anywhere else. Cathi and her staff understand them like family and we know they'll be treated like royalty here. Best boarding resort EVER.

Irene & Edwin V., Seattle,


Do you have a pet with special needs ??? This is your place. We have boarded our furfamily (Caucasian Mt. Dog and Clumber Spaniel) with Myownly for as far back as I can remember. TOP QUALITY CARE !!!! all the way ...

Dave H., Snohomish


About 4 years ago we rescued our Nicco (Australian Shep x Lab?) from a shelter in E. Washington after she had already been rehomed twice. She is a fun loving dog, plays ball and enjoys the water. We decided to put her in daycare during the day so she could socialize with other dogs and get comfortable with new people. We also took her to training classes, but from the start she had fear of loud noises, people and food aggression. As she got older we became concerned enough to seek out a professional trainer who specialized in dog aggression. He advised removing her from daycare due to her fear aggression. We were now concerned about who we could leave her with while going out of town. After doing extensive research online we found Myownly Boarding Kennel. We called Cathi to meet Nicco and possibly board her for the week. When we brought Nicco in we were instantly at ease when she met Cathi and the staff. They all understand dogs and particularly understand dogs that don't love strange people. Cathi has such a gentle and loving demeanor and Nicco loved her immediately.
I can't even explain what a relief it was to find a place where we felt comfortable leaving our dog (prior to that day we thought the days of going out of town were over). We have been boarding Nicco at Myownly for several years now and I love that we can leave and not worry about her. They also send me text messages of the fun she is having which I love. While Myownly is a hike for us (about an hour drive) I wouldn't take her anywhere else.

Becci C., Seattle


Our Dutchess (English Setter) just passed away. It is a very sad and difficult adjustment to have her gone. You took such good care of her whenever we boarded her, always going the extra distance to comfort a dog that did not board well and was aging somewhat gracefully. When she was there just recently you took some very nice photos of her. I really appreciate all the wonderful care and work you did with and for her.

Donna B., Monroe


We've used Myownly Kennel over the years for boarding our many dogs but never for grooming. Now we have two different dogs. The staff did not mind that we called every day as we had only had the dogs for a couple of weeks when we boarded them.
This week they both went in for holiday grooming and nail trims. We love that we have a boarding kennel we can trust and has such a friendly atmosphere and grooming amenities. Our Australian Shepard was in dire need of a good grooming and looks so handsome now. The care given to our Aussie and Chihuahua during their stay for their holiday grooming was really great. They came home relaxed and they both look so cute!

Karen A., Monroe


It is difficult to find people who care for your animals the way you do, and are knowledgeable. Myownly is the only place we will board our German Shepard and Rottweiler! We love this place!

Stephanie W., Monroe


Great facility, great staff. Our German Shepards are always welcomed enthusiastically, and they have a good time staying there. Very clean and healthy kennels with plenty of outdoor play time. We know our beasts are in good hands when we're away.

Tom & Kelly B., Woodinville,


Just picked up Thor, our black Labrador (aka Sparkopotamus!). He's happy as a clam during high tide! Thank you Cathi, Danielle, and everyone who took care of Thor this week. He's relaxed and happy, thank you for pampering a member of our family.

Eric & Dottie J, Selah,WA.


We dropped off our two Golden Retrievers for a weekend stay at Myownly Kennel. The dogs had a great time at Myownly. Being a smaller kennel, Myownly provides what I believe to be a more attentive approach to taking care of our dogs. The past three times we have used Myownly, the dogs have come back less stressed than their stays at other kennels. I always feel like the staff listens to all of my requests and comments when checking the dogs in, and they give great feedback on how they did when we pick up the dogs. Monroe is a bit out of the way for us, but we believe that the care provided is worth the extra drive.

David B., Kenmore,


I highly recommend Myownly Boarding Kennel in Monroe, Washington. The kennel is clean, well cared for and not too big. The staff really won me over. I willingly make the trek. The care of my Bonnie (Wire Fox Terrier) is very important to me, my dog comes home relaxed, clean and happy.

Deborah C., Seattle, 


Due to a house fire my family experienced we had to board our nervous 14-year-old Lab mix, Maisey, who had never been away from us. Myownly Boarding Kennel came highly recommended by our vet. She has never been away from us and is a bit anxious. I would highly recommend Myownly. Thanks, guys!

Tracey & Bailey, Monroe,


We own a very skittish and nervous Australian Cattle Dog mix, Sarge. It has become difficult finding a boarding kennel who can handle him. Their kindness and compassion towards my dog was evident from the moment I dropped him off. He willingly went with the staff at the hand-off and wasn't a nervous wreck when I picked him up. Thank you so much for your good care of him, you will be our dog boarding choice from now on.

Lauri S-J., Peoria, AZ


Just a quick review because they earned it. I have a 12-year-old Chow mix who is very set in his ways, also a little grumpy at times, picky about his food, and had never boarded before. He was there for 6 days and Myownly Boarding Kennel staff clearly put the extra effort in and did a great job. Thank You!

John A., Monroe,


We used Myownly Boarding Kennel for the first time this year. We felt very comfortable boarding our dogs Frankie (German Short Hair Pointer) and Sally (Beagle) there. When we picked them up, they were happy and looked good. We love the report card system as it gave us some insight on how they acted and did. We will definitely use Myownly again!

Clifford & Janna K., North Bend,


Ginger is our 13-year-old Brittany. She is a cancer survivor who most were afraid to risk. The adoption event where we met her three years ago was her "last chance". She is the best mannered dog we have ever had, as well as the smartest. We are retired and she is used to being with us 24/7.
She became very depressed when we had her stay at our vet's (great vet!) kennel while on vacations. The last time, she came home with double the grey on her white and orange muzzle. So, we toured Myownly and decided to give the kennel a try even though it was quite a distance from our home. It has become her 'home away from home.'
Ginger has a grand time at Myownly Boarding Kennel! She has learned to 'play nicely' with others for the first time in her life, and has learned to be buddies with the office cat, Jangles, another new thing. She loves the ability to run and run and run, a treat that makes her happier than any other, and we can't provide for her at home.
We appreciate the special things that the Myownly caregivers do for Ginger and the other boarding dogs under their care. On our last trip we received an email update with pictures attached - that was a great surprise and greatly appreciated. We will never take the Lady Ginger anywhere else when boarding her is necessary.

Sunny & Fernando S-M., Everett,


I wanted to leave a quick review and thank you for taking care of Gwenifur (cat) and Scarlett (labradoodle) over the holidays. I really enjoyed reading their report cards and the X-mas pics you sent! I’m glad that Gwenifur had a nice time in her double cat boarding condo. And I really appreciate the extra love that Scarlett received. She’s nervous around a lot of dogs and new environments so it was nice to know that was being considered by all the kennel staff at Myownly. It was a relief to find your place and worth the drive from Seattle!

Shannan H., Seattle,


Myownly Boarding Kennel is a great hotel for our doggies to visit when we’re away. Cathi and Ashley have enormous calm confidence and extensive experience with behaviorally-challenged animals... We left our high-strung, intact male Doberman and our puppy too (Doberwoman) – she gets to play to her heart’s content and yet have a cozy, safe and quiet place when she needs her naps.

Irene V.,Seattle,


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