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Are You Too Kind To Your Pet?

Author: Cathi Tower  Date: 2015-02-11

Are You Too Kind To Your Pet?

Dog lovers often make the mistake of being over-kind to their pets. They think that keeping their pet as stress-free and as comfortable as possible is the best thing for the pet, but too often, it is actually shortening the life of the animal, and making its existence less happy than it could be. Many dogs that arrive for our special needs dog boarding have developed these needs through well-intentioned but harmful owner activity.

All dogs are pack animals. That is why they fit so well with people, where they become part of the family unit, or the family pack. It is in a dog’s very nature to enjoy running and hunting, and dogs that get the opportunity to do this regularly will be happier, healthier dogs.

Just like humans, dogs can get bored and they will enjoy undertakings that keep them occupied. They enjoy being challenged. You can devise simple games where you hide food or another reward, and let your dog figure out how to find it. This is especially important if your dog has to spend long periods alone.

Dogs also like to know their place in the pack. All dogs are descended from the wolf, and, in the wild, wolves live in a very structured and disciplined society. Teaching your dog discipline is not being cruel, but is instead making your dog more comfortable in his or her environment.

A well-disciplined dog is not just a happier companion, but is also much easier to control. That can be very beneficial when unexpected situations arise. Knowing that your dog will always respond to your commands takes nearly all the stress out of walking your dog in unfamiliar places.

Keeping your dog active, providing it with new challenges, and ensuring it knows its place is most rewarding for both pet and owner.

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