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Dog Grooming A Must For Canine Health

Author: Cathi Tower  Date: 2015-03-24

Dog Grooming A Must For Canine Health

While many pet owners will think of it as unnecessary expense especially as it can be done on a do-it-yourself basis, professional dog grooming is a must for both physical and mental canine health. Indeed, the money spent for it will pay in dividends that dog owners will also appreciate.

The benefits of regular professional grooming for dogs include:

• Healthy skin and coat. Grooming will remove dust, debris and dead hair and skin cells from the skin and coat, which means a healthier appearance. Grooming also allows the essential oils secreted by the skin to spread, thus, keeping its coat shiny and health. Keeping allergies under control is also possible with grooming since the allergens are removed.

• Parasite control. By grooming the dog, its parasite larvae and eggs are detected and removed before these pests get out of control. Professional groomers can use preventive products, such as powders and flea sprays, to prevention skin infection caused by parasites.

• Disease detection. Professionals in dog grooming also have basic training on spotting the symptoms of a wide range of diseases, as manifested on the skin, coat and nails of the dog. For example, tumors can be detected in a timely manner with regular grooming.

• Stress relief. Think of grooming as your pet’s full body massage for stress relief and you get the point. Plus, a relaxed dog means a relaxed owner since bad behaviours and habits can be lessened.

Reputable breeders usually start dog grooming when the puppies are 4-6 weeks old since this is the best time to condition the puppies for a lifetime of grooming. Older dogs are provided with breaks during the grooming session, which allows them to relieve themselves and to play with other dogs. Senior dogs are typically finished with their grooming sessions in 2-3 hours.

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