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Dog Leashes - Flexi vs Halti Leads

Author: Cathi Tower  Date: 2015-02-11

Dog Leashes - Flexi vs Halti Leads

Dogs like to be led instead of leading their owners. The use of leashes is popular among dog owners as well as among providers of dog boarding services, because these tools allow them to guide and rein in their dogs.

But which leash is the best – A Flexi lead or a Halti lead?

While Flexi leads have their advantages, they also have disadvantages that outweigh them so much so that you should have second thoughts about using these leads for your pets. These disadvantages include;

• Dogs learn to pull on the leash. Because constant pressure must be exerted on the leash, your dog will quickly learn that getting your attention means just pulling on the leash. This can be problematic especially in crowded public areas, such as when your dog approaches another dog or a human without your permission.

• You have no rear control. With the Flexi leash, which is a type of retractable leash, your dog also learns that he is not really “on a leash” especially when you are too far back. You will then have little control over direction, which means adding to your problems.

These issues can be avoided with the use of Halti leads. You can use a Halti lead even on a large and active dog since its design allows for placing appropriate pressure on the muzzle instead of the powerful shoulder and neck areas, as is the case with the Flexi leash.

Basically, a Halti lead applies maximum control over your dog’s muzzle while minimizing its discomfort. When you gain control of your dog’s head, you will also gain more control over its body and, thus, you have more control over its direction and behaviour. No wonder that the Halti lead is popular among providers of dog boarding services.

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