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Flea and Tick Advice

Author: Cathi Tower  Date: 2015-02-11

Flea and Tick Advice

The autumn and winter seasons have proven more problematic than in the past especially for pet boarding facilities. This is because of the apparently higher risks for transmission of fleas and ticks among the dogs and cats in the kennels particularly when major flea and tick products were less effective.

The solution: Use more natural products in preventing and treating parasite infestations. The most effective of these products are borax and diatomaceous earth, which can be sprinkled around the yard and home.

• Borax

Also known as boric acid, borax can be used as a natural yet effective flea removal solution including the elimination of flea eggs and larvae from household materials, such as carpets and furniture. It should be diluted with water and then left in the surfaces for treatment for 3-5 hours for best results but pets and children should not be allowed near the treated area as the solution can be toxic when ingested.

• Diatomaceous earth

Also known as silicon dioxide, diatomaceous earth is a naturally-occurring material made from the shells of single-celled algae. It uses a physical mode of action, not a chemical action, to kill parasites like fleas and ticks – truly, an effective treatment used in most pet boarding facilities.

Basically, the material absorbs the oils and fats on the cuticles of the insects’ exoskeleton while its abrasive and sharp edges speed up the absorption process. The insects then become dehydrated and then die, thus, silicon dioxide’s efficacy for flea and tick control. Just make sure that the diatomaceous earth remains dry and undisturbed for its efficacy to kick in.

Plus, diatomaceous earth can also be used as a health supplement for animals. This is usually used for the treatment of stiff and painful joints including sore hips in arthritic inflammation.

Ask the experts at pet boarding facilities for more information about these substances.

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