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How to Select the Right Dog for Your Family

Author: Cathi Tower  Date: 2015-05-27

How to Select the Right Dog for Your Family

Is there is a chance you will need dog boarding services for your newest four-legged furry friend? Choosing the right dog for your family is as important as selecting a reputable kennel for a brief stay. A quality facility makes your pet feel at home, cares for him, and sees to his needs.

There is an excellent chance that a rescue dog is a perfect match for your family unit. Here are some suggestions for picking a trustworthy rescue group prior to selecting a pet. Look for a caring facility that demonstrates concern about pre-adoptive dogs. Each dog should be sent to the veterinarian for a health evaluation, required vaccinations, de-worming, flea treatment, and spaying or neutering. Proof should be included in the adoption packet given to the new family.

Check for filed complaints at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and how they were resolved. Compare adoption fees to similar agencies in the area. They should be competitive. A trustworthy rescue group asks questions to be certain you are ready to care for the dog. Your future friend should be cleaned and groomed when you arrive to visit.

The dog’s needs and behavior should be discussed, whether you are adopting a puppy or introducing an older dog into your family. Inquire about any undesirable behavior. Is the dog house trained and friendly? What about leash training and understanding basic commands?

When adopting an older dog, look for a personality matching that of the family. If you are outgoing, don’t get a shy dog. If movie nights are your favorite activity, avoid selecting a dog that wants to play and exercise all the time. Decide who is responsible for feeding, walking, and grooming before bringing the dog home. Check to be sure the rescue group will accept the dog back if the adoption does not work out.

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