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Responsible Dog Owners Know

Author: Cathi Tower  Date: 2015-03-24

Responsible Dog Owners Know

Responsible dog owners know about the importance of choosing the right dog boarding facility for their beloved pets. Dogs usually spend several hours a day, or perhaps even several days, at a boarding facility, depending on the circumstances. This means that it makes sense to ensure that its facilities are up to par and its staff members are trained to handle dogs.

The staff members in the best kennels have the appropriate education, training and temperament to handle dogs, including their diet, exercise, and behavior. Here are a few things that you should be aware of when choosing the right dog boarding facility for your canine friend.

First, the staff members should communicate the policies and practices, including the protocols, for handling dogs with behavioral issues (i.e., separation anxiety, aggression, and destructive habits). Remember, staff members should be able to contact you in case any problems with your dog, other dogs, or humans occur because of these issues.

Second, the staff members should keep detailed records about your dog while it is in their care. The records should ideally include diet and elimination, apparent level of comfort and enjoyment, and play and cuddle time, among others. These things should all be adapted in accordance with the dog’s routine at home to ensure a smooth transition.

Third, the staff members should be able to distinguish between behaviors that can be resolved by them and behaviors that the owners should be informed of. Experienced dog handlers can enforce structure and guidance that dogs will be able to adapt to, ensuring the pet’s comfort while in the kennel.

Be sure to observe the staff members of the dog boarding facility while they are at work and spend some time talking with them. You will then be able to determine if they are competent for this job.

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