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Summer Heat Problems

Author: Cathi Tower  Date: 2015-05-27

Summer Heat Problems

Summer can generate heat waves, which is very trying on our pets. This is when dogs tend to sweat from their footpads and start panting to dissipate body heat. It’s difficult seeing your pet panting like this so much you may consider shaving off your dog’s excess fur to keep them cool during summer.

This may not always be the best idea as a pet’s coat is designed to keep them cool in summer and warm in winters. As a shaved pet is prone to sunburn and increases the risk of heat stroke and exhaustion, it’s better to consult your veterinarian before shaving your pet.

Prevent overheating

Shaving should be done by a professional since if not properly done, it can lead to cuts and lacerations. Besides shaving, it’s better to prevent your dog from overheating altogether. Don’t leave them in parked cars during hot temperatures for any span of time as the temperature in the parked car gets much hotter than it is outside.

It’s better to keep pets indoors when it’s very hot outdoors. Dog boarding services always make sure your dog has lots of fresh water to avoid dehydration and maintain a healthy body temperature. You can also play it cool and freeze some toys in water or chicken broth and let your pet lick their way through this frozen heaven.

Signs of heat exhaustion

Learn to identify signs of heat exhaustion. If your pet pants heavily, has a rapid pulse or a staggering gait, vomits or has a deep red or purple tongue, he may have a heat related illness. Immediately remove him from the heat and apply ice packs, cold towels or cool water to reduce body temperature. Watch your pet and contact your vet if things look serious to prevent complications.

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