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"Have a previously aggressive dog. Had a hard time finding a good place to take care of him while we're on vacation, Myownly is a blessing. Staff has always worked with us to ensure our, and no other pet is in danger at any point of the stay (dropoff/stay/pickup). They properly give our dog his medication, and he always returns to us happy! Sometimes I think he might like it there more than home! Just be sure to book ahead, they seem to fill up quick for pretty much all holidays."

Cam S

"I want to thank Cathi and her team for their outstanding professionalism, knowledge and commitment. Our dog, Bull, is not an easy one. He is a rescued dog about 4 years old. Very little is know about his past, but his physical and emotional scars clearly talk about severe abuses. ... As a result he has several behavioral issues, he can be unpredictable, and he is not afraid to bite humans. He is a good hearted handsome big boy, but not an easy one! Did I mention that he is a 180 pounds mastiff mix? He has been with us for almost one year and thanks to our love and commitment, the help of a behaviorist and to Cathi and her team he has made unbelievable progress. A dog like Bull is a lot of work and a big responsibility, he is not the type of dog that everyone can handle, and it was not easy to find the appropriate help and support for him. At Myownly we found it! We found a team of knowledgeable experienced professionals who took the time to understand the situation, observe him, and work with us. When we are on vacation they send us feedback and pictures to let us know how he is doing. They are being crucial in his rehabilitation and we’re very thankful for their work and care."

Sara & Simon G., Bellevue

"To sum it up, I drive all the way up to Monroe from South Seattle because this place is so good! These are the sweetest, most caring and compassionate group of people I've ever met. They could all tell how nervous we were boarding our shy dog for the first time -- so they called me while on vacation just to let me know how our dog was doing. They even sent me pictures! These ladies would do anything to accommodate our dog's ridiculous shyness. I wouldn't trust my dog with anyone else but them!"

Nick W., Seattle, WA

"All of my dogs over the years have been groomed and boarded by Cathi and her team. Whenever I had emergencies where I couldn't take care of my dogs, the kennel was always there for us. Knowing that my dogs were safe and being taken good care of always took the stress off of my shoulders. When it comes to grooming Cathi is the best. She takes care of each dogs individual needs, whether it be for an elderly dog or show dogs they look their absolute best after leaving the kennel. The dogs are always happy and excited to come to see Cathi and her team. The kennel has a huge indoor space where all the dogs can socialize with each other. The employees are so good with the dogs, they are constantly interacting with them. Recently I was hospitalize and Cathi took excellent care of my Lala for me since I couldn't. Since I have been boarding my dogs here for 20 years I knew I didn't have to worry about Lala while she was with Cathi. The main reason I am writing this review is to thank Cathi and her team for the great work they do every single day."

Marilyn N., Monroe, WA

"Approximately seven years ago, I adopted a dog who had been severely abused by his former owner. His name was Baby, not a representative name for a dog so noble and handsome. Baby was terrified of all strangers but men in particular. As part of my attempt to rehabilitate him, I took him to an excellent behaviorist who helped me with his numerous issues. When my appointment was over, I asked her if she could recommend a boarding facility that could handle such a difficult dog should I ever need to board him. She told me without hesitation to take him to Myownly boarding facility in Monroe. She said she had numerous clients who have taken difficult dogs there and everyone without fail, spoke very highly of the facility. I took Baby to Cathi and her employees several years ago. They were fantastic. They knew exactly how to handle Baby and how to put him at ease. Over time they have earned his trust completely using positive reinforcement. Cathi is now able to groom him which I never thought would be possible. She sends me photos of him while he is being boarded and I can see clearly from his body language that he is happy, relaxed and trusting. Myownly boarding has been a huge blessing for me. I suffer from some very serious illnesses and am frequently hospitalized. Baby is the one thing I don't have to worry about because I know he is safe and loved while boarding. Cathi has become not only the person I trust most with Baby but also a wonderful friend who has given me so much support with my health issues. Because I must now live on disability, she frequently gives me a discount knowing how difficult things have been for me. I give a very heartfelt recommendation to Myownly as a boarding facility and grooming business. If a potential client would like to email or call me, please don't hesitate to get my phone number or email from Cathi."

Jen P., Monroe, WA

"I have been taking my dog to Myownly for almost 6 years now. Every time we go on vacation, I can truly relax, knowing that my dog is being well cared for. The owner and staff are super friendly and knowledgeable about animals. They always greet my family and I with a smile and a pat on the back for our dog. Our dog, Mika, loves everyone at Myownly! She truly enjoys the walks, the play time, the brushes and hugs and always looks beautiful and happy when I return."

Katherine T., Lake Stevens, WA

"My four year old rescue hound has been a long work in progress with fear based aggressive tendencies towards both people and dogs. It it wasn’t for the kind and understanding folks at Myownly Boarding Kennel, I wouldn’t be able to find overnight care for him anywhere else. They take some of the toughest cases out there and treat them with a gentleness that comes with a deep understanding of dog behavior and years of experience. Can’t thank you all enough"

Lee G., Seattle, WA

"We just dropped off our dog and cat at Myownly Boarding Kennel and walked out smiling and reassured. Max easily walked back to his run because he remembered how happy he was during his previous stay. He will get attention and excellent care while he is boarded. We left a few comfort items with him and his usual food. Peaches went into her space with ease. When we picked her up last time we knew she had been fine because she had not lost any weight during her stay. She doesn't eat if she is not happy! We can easily recommend Myownly Boarding Kennel because we have used them several times. It is in a quiet country location with space for walks."

Cheryl C, Monroe, WA

"When my parents picked me up from my vacation at Myownly Boarding Kennel today I couldn't give enough kisses-- To them AND to my new human friend, Morgan, who took such good care of me while I was there! I'm only 3, but already on my third family after my older brother started attacking me, so I was a little nervous to see my parents go. But, as soon as I met Cathi and Morgan and was shown to my room, I hardly knew they were gone! My sleeping cot was very comfy and I had heated floors to lounge on too! All of my neighbors were very friendly and the Myownly staff came to visit often. There was good conversation--barking and the human kind--and we even got to enjoy music during the day! They served me yummy meals, kept my room clean and tidy, and even washed my blanket when I toweled off with it after a romp in the field and my play time with the pet nanny! They took me to the restrooms regularly, which were separate from my playing area and always freshly picked up and hosed down. I felt so loved by all the staff and even got some bonus cuddle time with a brush and massage! When my parents picked me up, I got lots of praise for being so sweet, loving, and agreeable but that was easy because I was just so happy to be here! Thanks Cathi, Morgan, Danielle, Jessica, and Rhiannon for such a wonderful vacation at Myownly-- I can't wait to come back! ~~Your Friend for Life, Nomad Anderson - American Staffordshire Terrier - Monroe, WA"

Erin A, Monroe, WA

"I want to thank you and your staff for the great job you did taking care of my old dog these past three months. The e-mails and pictures you sent each week helped take away any concerns I might have had about how he was doing and made my time off a lot more pleasant and enjoyable. The fact that he was going to get walked and socialized every day made my decision to take a three month vacation much easier so once again thank-you and you can use me as a reference anytime."

Freeman B, Monroe, WA

"Cathi bathed and groomed my dog, a Cairn terrier. It was my first visit. I was very pleased with Cathi's professionalism and knowledge of dog breeds. This was my first visit and Cathi took plenty of time to make sure my dog Phoebe had vaccinations and who my vet is. She asked me how I'd like to have Phoebe groomed and she was very considerate of my ideas. We left Phoebe in Cathi's care and upon returning, found Phoebe to be bathed and groomed with a very cute look---Phoebe needed quite a bit cut off, and the cut is just great. I want to add that Cathi took pictures during the grooming process so that a visual record could be kept. It helped me, too, so that I could see what a difference the bathing and grooming made. My dog was very happy with Cathi who was very warm, caring, and professional. A week later and I still like how she was groomed. I will be returning for nail clipping in a week and will take Phoebe back at a later date when she needs more grooming."

Sandra S., Gold Bar, WA

"We were very apprehensive about putting our 'special needs' dog in a kennel for the first time, and Myownly was the best place for us. We found them through a recommendation from our dog behavioralist after a very unfortunate situation with another local kennel. From the first contact they were reassuring that it would all be fine and indeed it was. Our dog came back to us after 10 days+ in great shape and spirits. When I dropped him off, the staff was caring and made sure of all the details about his care and history. While we were away, they kept us informed (just enough) to keep our minds at ease so we could enjoy our vacation. I will definitely be using them again and recommending them to all my friends."

Nedra F, Seattle, WA

"Absolutely 5 stars from us! Myownly Dog Boarding goes out of their way to make sure our pup has a great time and stays as comfortable as possible while boarding. He gets love, play and care. Our dog has intense abandonment issues as well as some other things we're working on and Myownly Dog Boarding is more than willing to do whatever they can to work with you and always seem on top of things when we stop in. We are so happy we found them. Our guy has left his fear behind and now loves coming to visit! On holidays he even shows up for pickup wearing cute holiday bandanas!"

Shannon D, North Bend, WA

"Myownly Boarding Kennel, Inc. came highly recommended to me by 2 reputable Monroe businesses we used for our dog, Ace. My husband & I have owned dogs together for 18 yrs. & we like to adopt from shelters, as we did with Ace in early December 2015. We used boarding facilities for our past dogs including veterinarians, pet nannies & friends at all price points. As you may know, it is very hard to get what you pay for. I was relieved this facility came so highly recommended because it made me feel confident Ace would be in good hands overnight Dec. 19. My expectations were high. Alternatively, Ace's dad had very low expectations; so low, in fact, that he nearly turned the car around when we arrived. Ace dealt with being dropped off very well because of their expert handling, but dad, not so much. I cannot express enough gratitude to the staff for warmly welcoming Ace & for Cathi consoling my extremely distraught husband. When we left Ace, I felt like we left him with our new adopted family. A 2nd overnight stay came soon after & Ace's dad wanted to use Myownly! (I am talking he was hospitalization-distraught that 1st trip!) Ace was surprised to go back the 2nd time; however, when we arrived to pick Ace up, he was his caretaker, Morgan's, biggest fan. He was so interested in Morgan & what she was doing that I had to literally drag him to the car at which point he was clear he would stay with Morgan or she should come with us. Kudos to Myownly because they did not let me down from my pre-conceived high expectations & they made a believer out of my dearly protective husband. Ace had a great time & we even received pictures showing the fun he had. What dog wants to be left at a boarding facility after so recently coming from a shelter I ask?"

Shannon, Glen & Ace

"Great experience with Myownly. Prior to our first reservation, they welcomed us to do a walk through of the facility including the kennel and play areas. Easy check-in procedure, and upon return we were provided with a written report card of our dog's behaviors and activities, as well as a more informal verbal description of our dog's activities. The owner and staff clearly enjoy their work. Its an easy decision to continue to choose Myownly Boarding Kennel for our dogs when we travel."

Jeanine K, Monroe, WA

"We have used Myownly a number of times over the past year and are so pleased with their service. They have really gotten to know our little Greta. She has some anxiety and special needs, and the team at Myownly keeps her feeling safe and loved when we have to leave her. The facility is very clean, there is great outdoor space for the dogs to play, and the staff is wonderful. They know dogs!"

Heidi D, Seattle

"Last Weekend was our first time at Myownly dog kennel; Oliver, my German Sheppard, is a very important part of our family and we want to make sure that he is well care for. We were very happy with his care at Myownly. They certainly love dogs and know a lot about caring for them. I would totally recommend them to my friends and family."

Nancy S, Monroe

"Outstanding! Recently moving to the area, I have used Myownly Boarding Kennel for grooming and for boarding my dogs. What it really boils down to for me is trust: When I leave my pups in the hands of other people, can I be sure they are going to be safe and well-cared for? The answer is always an unequivocal yes. It’s hard to put a price on that kind of trust. I am extremely impressed with their facility, the selection of their services offered and the quality of care prov...ided. They put a lot of TLC into what they do. Cathi's gift is not only with dogs but also with truly understanding what is important to a pet owner: that our dogs be treated gently and as individuals. I am happy to have someone close by who can provide my furry friends with a monthly bath and makeover that will restore our objects of affection to huggable status and to know when we are away that they are safe and in the very best of hands. Thank you, Cathi and Myownly Boarding Kennel"

Lance LaRowe, Monroe

"MyOwnly went out of their way to fit us in to their schedule when they knew our Maremma needed a good grooming before surgery. Cathi has just the right personality and experience with strong-willed dog breeds to give our sheepdogs the handling they needed. She was super gentile with Ellabelle, who was suffering from a torn ligament in her knee. And she was gentile, yet firm, with Bailey, who can be a little stubborn at times. Thanks for taking good care of them and sending them home smelling like roses! We’ll be back."

Molli M. Snohomish

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